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The 13 Worst Networking Mistakes

Dan Woog, Zac Frank | AllHealthcare

5. A Silly E-mail Address

Example:, or — far worse — something like

You Might Think: It’s a clever, memorable email address everyone will get a kick out of.

The Contact Will Probably Think: No one with an ounce of sense would use this e-mail professionally. How can I possibly recommend him for a job. Yikes!

Use something simple that incorporates your name and isn’t too complicated. If is taken, try something that incorporates your middle initial rather than numbers. john.r.doe is better than johnnyonthespot or johndoe2828362783. If all simple iterations of your name are taken on popular services like Gmail or Yahoo!, you can also use a simple service that lets even an internet amateur pick a customized domain like

6. Being Pompous

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