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10 Best Healthcare Jobs with a Master's Degree

10 Best Healthcare Jobs with a Master's Degree

Georgia Price / AllHealthcare

So you don’t want to spend years in medical school pursing an doctorate of medicine, but you’d like to advance your education and career to the next level, right? Or maybe you have a master’s degree, but you’re not sure what kind of healthcare career it can help you get. Thankfully, there are dozens of career paths in healthcare that need individuals with master’s degrees. Here are out ten favorite. We’ve selected these jobs because of their salaries, potential for growth, and demand in the current economy.

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1. Health Administrator

2. Mental Health Therapist

3. Speech-Language Pathologist

4. Case Manager

5. Occupational Therapist

6. Physical Therapist

7. Social Worker

8. Epidemiologist

9. Medical Library Technician

10. Genetic Counselor

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