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Three Steps to Choosing a Career

Three Steps to Choosing a Career

Michelle Tullier, Monster Contributing Writer

A professional wrestler runs for governor of Minnesota and wins. The owner and pastry chef of my neighborhood bakery is a former investment banker. A friend from college who was a computer scientist for seven years now makes her living as a sailboat captain in Seattle.

How did these people get where they are today? Through a combination of luck, confidence and lots of self-awareness. As you contemplate where your own career might take you after college, it’s impossible to know what opportunities fate may throw your way. What you can do, however, is identify your interests, talents and values, and then explore occupations that might make good use of them. If you follow the three-step process below, you won’t just be sitting back waiting for careers and jobs to land in your lap. You’ll be working toward discovering what makes you happy.

Step One

Are You Ready for a Career in Health Care?

1. We say “school,” you think:

Bring it on!
Eek! What will I wear on the first day?
My dog ate my homework.

Figure out what makes you tick by asking yourself:

• What sparks and holds my interest?
• What do I do well?
• What kind of personality do I have?
• What’s really important to me?

Take any career-related tests your college’s career center might offer. Or think of times when you’ve enjoyed and excelled at a job, internship, class or aspect of your personal life. A great book to help with this process is Do What You Are by Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger.

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