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10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions


Describe Your Biggest Failure. What Did You Learn?

Interviewers don’t expect you to be perfect. In fact, they want to hear about your flaws…as long as you’ve learned how to overcome them. It’s imperative that you have concrete examples in your answer and that you can show how you’ve grown because of the situation.

Is Your Resume in Shape?

1. When did you last update your resume?

The last time I looked for a job
Within the last month or so
Years ago

Bad Answer: I once missed an important deadline a few years ago. I felt very badly and promised my boss I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve never made a mistake since then.

Better Answer: I once made a crucial error while in a patient’s chart. Luckily, my supervising doctor caught it before anyone got hurt, but I’ve never felt like more of a failure. Since then, I have learned to check and double-check my patient’s charts and even ask a colleague if my charting makes sense and is correct.

Best Answer: While serving as hospital administrator in my last job, I endorsed a bid to take over a neighboring hospital which was floundering. I went through every step meticulously and was sure the deal would go through. However, the other hospital pulled out at the last minute after I had virtually guaranteed my board members that the deal would be settled. For months, I was looked down upon by the board and co-workers. However, I stood by my choice even though it didn’t work out. Because I didn’t back down or shy away from blame, I became a stronger administrator.

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