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10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions


What is Your Greatest Weakness?

This is a classic trick job interview question. Do you try to turn a weakness into a strength? Do you claim to have no weaknesses? The key here is to be honest but not too honest. Use specific examples to show how you have overcome a weakness during a challenging time to show that while you may not be perfect, you have the skills to get the job done.

Bad Answer: I really can’t think of any…

Better Answer: I can be stubborn, but that just means I want to get things done and get them done right!

Best Answer: During my first month at my current job, I had a tendency to be relatively shy and not speak up for myself. One day, I was blamed for losing a patient’s chart. Instead of taking the blame, I spoke to the DON and showed her how I was at work that day and the patient was discharged before I was on call. Even though I was nervous, I knew I was not to blame and wanted the truth to be known. Since then, I have been much better about speaking my mind.

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