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How New Grads Can Take Charge of Job Search Rejection

How New Grads Can Take Charge of Job Search Rejection

Susan Kennedy | Monster Contributing Writer

Get Feedback from Companies That Reject You

When there is something you could improve, you want to know about it. Strive to establish a realistic appraisal of your job search strengths and areas for improvement, and develop a game plan for bolstering your gaps.

It takes guts and humility to ask for critical feedback. “It’s amazing to me how few candidates follow up after an interview,” says one Boston-area recruiter. “College graduates are in a perfect position to ask for feedback. Hiring people remember what it was like to start out and want to help.”

So scrounge up your courage and call. You can say you’re disappointed you didn’t get an offer since you were really excited about the job and thought you were a great fit. Then express that you would really appreciate anything they can tell you to help you learn from the experience. Ask the recruiter, human resources rep or interviewing manager the following questions:

Is Your Resume in Shape?

1. When did you last update your resume?

The last time I looked for a job
Within the last month or so
Years ago

1) How should I improve my cover letter and resume?
2) How could I have better shown how my skills and experiences would help the company?
3) How could I improve my interviewing skills?
4) Did I communicate my knowledge of and excitement about company goals and how I could contribute from day one?
5) Did I have a background gap?

Make sure to follow up with a written thank-you after the conversation.

All the feedback you gather is gold. Take this constructive criticism seriously and make the suggested changes. Otherwise, you’re doomed to repeat mistakes, incur potentially avoidable rejections and lose steam.

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