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Protect Yourself From Job Search Scams

Protect Yourself From Job Search Scams

Katie McCaskey | AllHealthcare

1. Beware of Immediate Offers

Butterworth says to never respond to an unsolicited job offer you receive through email. No matter how legitimate the request appears to be, companies will never offer a job on the spot without first getting to know you.

Butterworth says the most common emailed job offers involve re-shipping, envelope stuffing and “secret shopper” opportunities. Many of these offers are created by scammers who want to access your personal information.

Look into the company you’re dealing with.

“Ascertain whether the employer has a brick and mortar presence,” Butterworth says. “Every company has some type of physical office or headquarters. If they don’t, it should raise an immediate red flag.”

And while having a web site is a good way for a company to claim legitimacy, experts warn that there are a number of bogus sites out there that forge company logos and ties to larger existing companies in order to create an atmosphere of legitimacy. If there is no phone number or physical address listed on the website, you might be dealing with a scam.

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