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Job-Hopping: Career Killer or Savior?

Job-Hopping: Career Killer or Savior?

Tania Khadder | AllHealthcare

Job Hopping in a Recession?

Voluntary movement appears to have slowed, at least for the time being.

At the end of 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics measured the quit rate at just 1.6%, lower than the recent average.

And it makes sense. Not only are there fewer jobs available, making it impossible for some to make a move, but employees are less willing to leave their current gig for a job they know little about – especially since new hires are at a greater risk of being laid off should the company face financial trouble.

Nevertheless, some proponents of job-hopping say it’s still worth doing, even in the current economy.

On her blog,, Rebecca Thorman argues that members of Generation Y should not let the economy stop them from moving around . She says “those who can perform will always be able to find a new, exciting position. And Gen Y knows how to perform, especially under pressure.”

The economy may also make short stints – if you are able to get them – appear more acceptable on your resume. LandingJobs’ Murdock highlights the early 90s dot com bust, where C-levels, VPs and Directors were moving around at unprecedented speeds. So while short stints of employment might normally be a red flag, employers might come to expect it in a volatile economy.

But this doesn’t mean you should be rushing full speed ahead to hand in your resignation. Not everyone has the luxury of youth, parental support (financial and otherwise), or a hefty previous salary to fall back on.

Like all career decisions, the decision to change jobs before the two year mark needs to be weighed out carefully.

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