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Job-Hopping: Career Killer or Savior?

Job-Hopping: Career Killer or Savior?

Tania Khadder | AllHealthcare

Another important factor to bear in mind is your age, and where you are in your career.

If you’re 23 and fresh out of college, job-hopping can yield long-term benefits. On the other hand, an older, more senior executive may find the consequences to be more dire. Career Coach Joni Daniels says for older workers, “job hopping means losing ground.”

And no matter what, know that there are always going to be recruiters and hiring managers who will frown upon your frequent moves. If they do call you in for an interview, they will likely demand an explanation for your movement.

Be prepared to face objection, says Sherri Elliot, author of Ties to Tattoos: Turning Generational Differences into a Competitive Advantage.

“Many hiring managers are Baby Boomers. They come from a generation that believes in loyalty, longevity, and paying your dues, and they typically have not embraced the new job-hopping trend,” Elliot says. “Make sure your resume shows that you’ve substantially contributed to every company for which you’ve worked.”

Murdock says to be pro-active. Even more than non-hoppers, you’ll need to network aggressively to become more than just a resume, wherever you apply. “If you think you’ll be perceived as a job hopper, and you think your resume is being ignored because of it, get on the phone and find someone who works there so that you can overcome those objections.”

Like so much of your career history, the benefit of frequent job changes depends entirely on where you are in your career, your reasons for wanting to jump ship and your long-term goals.

There’s no doubt about it: the hard and fast career rules set by our parents and grandparents no longer apply.

The important thing now is to add value wherever you go, be smart about your moves and be prepared to explain your choices, whatever they are.

And by doing so, you might just turn yesterday’s red flag into today’s competitive advantage.

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