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Nursing Interview Cheat Sheet

Nursing Interview Cheat Sheet

Megan Malugani / Monster Contributing Writer

An Offer in Hand

Once you have the job offer – and not before – ask the standard questions about salary and benefits, such as:

Quiz: The Healthcare Interview Quiz

1. It's interview time! You arrive at your interview:

30 minutes early - you want to show your dedication to the job.
10 minutes early - But you were actually parked and ready to go in 20 minutes ago.
5 minutes late - You don't want to seem too eager.

• What is the salary?
• Is special compensation awarded for overtime? What is the differential for second-shift, third-shift and weekend work?
• What is the benefits package?
• Do you offer other incentives, such as paid journal subscriptions or scholarships for dependents?
• Do you provide financial support for continuing education?
• Are grants available for ongoing education?
• Are there special incentives for bilingual nurses?
• Is there room for advancement? What is the career path?
• How do you reward employees for exceptional work?

A couple of interview caveats: Never ask about the number of ethnic employees, and never ask the interviewer any questions that could be construed as personal.

Think of the interview as a conversation, not an interrogation. While the meeting is the interviewer’s chance to find out about you, it’s also your chance to ask about the issues that can significantly affect your short- and long-term job satisfaction.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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