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Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Phil Rosenberg | President, ReCareered

So why was this very educated and intelligent individual fighting change?

People fight change when it brings them outside their comfort zone. In everything — new policies/procedures at work, in our personal lives — we are creatures of habit. But why?

A. J. Schuler, Psy. D of lists “Top 10 Reasons for Change Resistance:”

1. The risk of change is seen as greater than the risk of standing still

2. People feel connected to others who are identified with the old way

3. People fear they lack the confidence to change

4. People feel they lack the competence to change

5. People feel overloaded and overwhelmed

6. People have a healthy skepticism and want to make sure new ideas are sound

7. People fear a hidden agenda among would-be reformers

8. People fear that proposed change threatens their notions of themselves

9. People anticipate a loss of status or quality of life

10. People genuinely perceive that the proposed change is a bad idea

Interestingly, #10 didn’t enter into the equation, as this candidate generally agreed with my comments on his resume. Yet he still fought the idea of changing his strategies. So why would a candidate feel “you’re right, but I’m still not going to change”?

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