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Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Phil Rosenberg | President, ReCareered

In this candidate’s case, he didn’t lack the competence (#4-People feel they lack the competence to change), and certainly not the confidence to change (#3-People fear they lack the confidence to change). Admittedly, I implement resume and career strategy change, so I’m not without bias.

He may have perceived an agenda, yet this was a free analysis where I usually don’t discuss services I offer (#6-People have a healthy skepticism and want to make sure new ideas are sound & #7-People fear a hidden agenda among would-be reformers).

Notice that we’ve ruled out Schuler’s “rational” reasons to resist change. That’s because this gentleman’s reasons were emotional.

If you look at this candidate’s rationale above, his third point rings out. His friends look to him for help, and he acts as an amateur career coach. He must get a certain amount of satisfaction and even pride from this status. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Changing his strategy would be in conflict with the following Schuler’s reasons:

#2-People feel connected to others who are identified with the old way: His friends connect to him, are grateful to him, and identify in the old way;

# 8-People fear that proposed change threatens their notions of themselves: Changing would threaten his notion that he’s an expert at finding a new position

#9-People anticipate a loss of status or quality of life: Changing would risk him loosing status among his friends.

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