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Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Phil Rosenberg | President, ReCareered

The candidate’s second point that a CEO complimented his resume adds validation to the candidate’s emotional needs as an amateur career coach. While the CEO offered compliments, it’s important to note that the CEO didn’t offer him a job. Hiring managers often will compliment someone’s resume out of empathy to the job seeker and to soften the uncomfortable feeling of telling a candidate “no” (remember, this was a brilliant guy with an awful resume).

Having 100 CEOs compliment you on your resume doesn’t get you a job. You get a job because you solve a company’s specific problem or because you fit in with the company’s culture better than your competitors. Skills and fit get you a job, not resume compliments.

Yet this compliment was a source of pride to the candidate (#8-People fear that proposed change threatens their notions of themselves and #9-People anticipate a loss of status or quality of life) because it validated the candidate’s self-view of being a job search expert and advisor to his friends (#2-People feel connected to others who are identified with the old way).

So how can candidates break free from the vicious cycle of fear of change? Doug Howardell of Inventory Performance offers some great suggestions in his article “Overcoming People’s Fear of Change”, as he describes The Third Position. Doug suggests that the Third Position involves the following three steps:

Step 1: Come face to face with the threat, understand the reaction and the fear.

Step 2: Seek to find the opportunity in the change, focus on the opportunities and not the threat.

Step 3: Do what must be done to take advantage of the opportunity. Step three is deceptively simple. Do what must be done. “BUT I’M SCARED!” So, do it anyway. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Acknowledge that you’re afraid and act in spite of your fear. The fear won’t go way but you can move on in the face of it.

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