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Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Step Out of Your Job Search Comfort Zone

Phil Rosenberg | President, ReCareered

I’ll add steps 4 & 5:

Step 4: Take baby steps. Don’t try to radically change overnight. It’s much tougher to muster up the courage to make drastic changes all at once. The fear of failure is too great, so try smaller changes at first to build confidence that your changes are on track.

Step 5: Learn from failure rather than fearing it. Failure is a great teacher and the basis of most scientific theory. As humans, we learn from trying something new and gaining knowledge from what we’ve tried, whether they work or not.

Step out of your comfort zone today, and try something new in your job search. Maybe it’s using a new strategy, maybe it’s a new industry, maybe it’s an entirely new career path. Regardless of whether your efforts result in success or failure, I guarantee you’ll learn from it. Change is good. Embrace it.

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