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What's Really Wrong with Your Job Search?

What's Really Wrong with Your Job Search?

Photo courtesy of Bombardier via Creative Commons

Roxanne Ravenel | Excelle

When things aren’t going our way it’s just human nature to begin laying blame. It is easy to see the culpability of others — our boss, the economy, the company that laid us off. It is far more difficult to take a deep look internally to see how we may be contributing to the situation at hand.

Recently I spoke with a job hunter who was angry, agitated, and demanding – even while requesting my assistance. Within 30 seconds of our conversation I could understand why an employer would be reluctant to hire him. Yet, as he soldiered through his blame-laying soliloquy he repeatedly stated that he did not need help with his resume, interview skills, or first impression. He simply needed to know where he should be applying to find his next job.

This gentleman had a lengthy list of demands for his new job and a hefty list of complaints about his past jobs, other career coaches he’d spoken with, etc.

He failed to realize that ‘the problem is not the problem.’ Even if I could have handed him a golden list of job openings; likely his brash manner would prevent him from landing any of them.

So, what can we learn from this? That sometimes, the problem is not the problem. Rather, there may be an underlying problem impeding our success. Here are three areas where this is often the case:

You can’t find any useful job leads.

Ask yourself:

Am I strictly relying on online job boards and newspaper ads? While these are the most convenient job search methods, they are not the most effective.

Am I making networking an integral part of my job search plan? Around 70% of jobs are found through networking and referrals rather than through the published job market. Tap into your network and make use of your alumni association.

Am I effective and consistent in my networking? Build mutually beneficial relationships with others in your network, your community, and your industry. Make networking a weekly job search activity.

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