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6 Job-Hunting Tips from the Sales Pros

Tania Khadder

Working in sales is tough. You need a gift for the gab, a thick skin, and an undying persistence, even in the face of constant rejection.

But those who can do it well see the ample fruits of their labor. It’s this promise that pushes them to work harder, to stay positive and to master their craft, even when the outlook seems grim.

Job-seekers, take note.

If you’ve looked for work recently, you know that landing a job and closing a sale have a lot in common. The cost of failure can be just as dire; the benefit of success, equally rewarding.

The good news? Success isn’t entirely based on natural ability. Good salespeople draw on a number of learned tips, tricks and mantras to help them close a deal.

And if they can learn them, so can you. Think like a saleswoman, and you might just land the job of your dreams.

Number 1: Know Your Client

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