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6 Job-Hunting Tips from the Sales Pros

Tania Khadder

1. Know Your Client.

Any salesperson will tell you: knowing your client is the key to making a sale. You can’t exactly tailor your pitch to someone if you don’t understand their fears, needs and desires. And the more personalized a pitch, the better chance they have at closing.

Looking for a job is no different. Nothing frustrates a hiring manager more than a job-seeker who shows up at an interview with very little knowledge or understanding of the company. Do your research – in this day and age, there’s just no excuse for ignorance. You can get so much information from the company website: find out what their mission is, where they’re going, and as much as you can about their product or service. If you have time, supplement it with additional information – go to websites like Yahoo! Finance or Hoovers, or see if anyone in your network knows someone who works there, and who can give you some insight. Once you’ve done your research, not only can you can tailor your skills and experience appropriately, you’ll also look more knowledgeable in an interview.

Number 2: Ask Questions and Listen>>

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