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6 Job-Hunting Tips from the Sales Pros

Tania Khadder

3. Differentiate Your Product

Top salespeople know their competition. They find out all they can about their competitors’ offering – the features, the benefits, the drawbacks…everything. Why? So they can best differentiate themselves. They know buyers have any number of options, so the only way to capture that market share is to offer something the competition doesn’t.

When it comes to job hunting – you’re the product. Find out what makes you unique, and make that a key focus of your “pitch”. Maybe the company is expanding internationally, and you worked or studied abroad. Or maybe you have an industry blog – and an established following – that could be used to the company’s advantage. Sell it!

Not only will they see your unique offering as a benefit, they’ll remember you. And guess what happens to memorable people… they get called in for a first, second or third interview.

Number 4: Get Past the Gatekeeper>>

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