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6 Job-Hunting Tips from the Sales Pros

Tania Khadder

5. Follow-Up!

A sale is an ongoing process – one that involves a series of steps over a period of time. This is especially the case in a tough economy, when customers are less likely to make impulse purchases. A good saleswoman will – in the first encounter – find out what their client is looking for, and then use that information to come back with a relevant offering in a follow-up. If they don’t, the other guy surely will. And there goes the sale.

Likewise, the recession means employers are less likely to make an impulse hire. Plus, they likely have a lot more candidates to choose from than in a good economy. And no matter the state of the economy, this person is probably extremely busy dealing with some of their more mission-critical, day-to-day responsibilities. If you don’t follow up, they may just forget you.

If you haven’t heard from them within a week of sending your resume, or your interview, send a follow-up email, briefly reiterating your qualifications (or something you forgot to mention in the interview). Doing so will communicate just how interested you are in the job, and will keep you fresh in their memory.

But following up isn’t easy. You’ll have to keep track of your correspondence – particularly the more promising ones – in order to remember who to follow up with, and when. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s certainly not a waste of time. Just like in sales, following up with an existing lead is more cost (and time) effective than chasing down a brand new one.

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