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6 Job-Hunting Tips from the Sales Pros

Tania Khadder

6. Every “No” Is One Step Closer to “Yes”

Rejection hurts. No one would argue otherwise. But in sales, a common – and necessary – mantra is that each rejection brings you one step closer to success. The reasoning behind it? Sales is a game of numbers – any salesperson knows to expect a certain number of rejections before they will see success. If they didn’t take such an approach, they’d never stay in the game long enough to actually make a sale.

Job-hunting is no different. You will inevitably face a certain amount of rejection before you land your job of choice. Keep trying and eventually, one of them will pan out – so long as you don’t let the “nos” along the way stop you in your tracks.

The best part? Unlike in sales, all it takes is one “yes” to be successful.

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