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Ten-Step Guide to a Career in Healthcare


Step 10: Make it Through Your First Year

What happens after you get hired? How do you make a success of yourself?

The first year on the job is often the toughest for new healthcare graduates, especially those who work in hospitals. You’ll face your greatest professional challenges and a steep learning curve that no amount of time in the classroom can really prepare you for. You have to live it to become a pro.

By the end of the first year, you’ll have a much better feeling for the job and more confidence in your strengths. You’ll also know more about areas in which you might have weaknesses that you can address through more education, special workshops, or professional training.

But you will have made an incredible journey, from just thinking about getting into healthcare to actually living, working, and breathing your new career and all that the process of knowledge entitles you to enjoy – new friends, a decent salary, and a feeling of purpose and accomplishment. It’s your future, calling.

Preparing for Success on the Job
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