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15 Hottest Health Care Fields of 2010


The health care industry is truly the place to be! There is a need for roughly 3.2 million health care professionals by 2018, and many occupations are predicted to grow by at least 28% over the coming years. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are looking to break into a health care field, now is the time. And if you are already here, you can rest assured that while other industries are laying off employees, health care is hiring. Ten of the 20 fastest growing occupations are health care related.

You’ve probably heard about the nursing shortage that has plagued the US over the last three years, but did you know that there are dozens of other healthcare occupations that are facing the same problems? As the Baby Boomers age and Generation X begins to have children, the need for a large group of talented, diverse healthcare workers become ever-more important.

So what fields are expected to see a surge? You might be surprised. Occupations like home health aides and medical scientists are two of the hottest places to be in 2010. Physician-extender occupations will also see increased demand because of a growing reliance on retail clinics staffed by medical assistants and physician assistants. Finally, the number of therapy careers, like occupational and physical therapists and aides, are expected to multiply as employment is projected to grow much faster than average.


#1 Home Health Aides


#2 Medical Scientists


#3 Physician Assistants


#4 Athletic Trainers


#5 Dental Assistants


#6 Dental Hygienists


#7 Veterinary Techs


#8 Physical Therapy Assistants


#9 Medical Assistants


#10 Veterinarians


#11 Physical Therapists


#12 Occupational Therapy Assistants


#13 Radiation Therapists


#14 Occupational Therapists


#15 Surgical Technologists

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    over 3 years ago


    Nice information.... This is really very helpful till 2010...

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    over 3 years ago


    Health care industry is really booming. There might be paucity of resources in other industries but not health care. With this, therapy careers are also developing at large.

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    Lots of great information here... I've been considering a career change, so it's nice to see what field will actually have opportunities for me in the new year!

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    This is so great!

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    Glad to see Home Health Aides are the #1 spot... This is really very helpful in seeing what the trends will be for 2010!

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