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15 Hottest Health Care Fields of 2010


#15 Surgical Technologists

An increase in surgical procedures over the past two years has let to a greater demand for surgical technologists, also know as scrubs or operating room technicians. Surgical techs are needed to prepare the patient and operating room, transport the patient, and observe vital signs. Certified surgical technologists with additional training may act as surgical first assistant or circulator.

Relevant Statistics

  • Projected Need: 23,200

    Projected Growth: 25+%

    Median Wage: $38,740

Surgical technologists receive training in formal programs held at community colleges, vocational schools, or hospitals. Completion of an accredited programs leads to a diploma, certification, or associate’s degree. Most employers prefer to hire certified technologists, although certification is not required.

Employment is expected to grow faster than average because of an increased number of individuals have both necessary and elective surgeries.

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