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5 Things You Need to Give up to Get A Job

Adam Starr | AllHealthcare

Summer Vacation? What’s That?

Somebody really should have told you this before, but you probably won’t be getting a three-month respite from work anymore. When you do get your entry-level job, you will be surprised at how little free time you have. You will work through June, July, and August with the same regularity that you used to hang out with friends, work part-time jobs, and go to the pool. You will not get a week off for Thanksgiving, and you will not get two weeks off for the winter holidays. You will not be getting a spring break. You will, however, be much more excited about your Saturdays and Sundays and really cherish your occasional three-day weekends. As the low guy/girl on the totem pole you will probably only have between five and 10 days of vacation to take all year. This can come as a shock to your newly matriculated system, but don’t worry, you’ll adapt quickly.

The Good News:

If loads of vacation are an absolute priority, then there are a few ways around this predicament. You could go back to school for a higher degree, so that you’d be back to having vacations again. Or you could find a part-time job that’s less committal so that you can have more free time.

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