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The ABCs of Handshake Etiquette

Hamsa Ramesha | AllHealthcare

Ahh, the shaking of hands. It sounds simple enough: Two hands meet and greet and do a little shake. Easy, right?

Not so fast.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few ways a handshake can go south. From an overly moist hand to a bone-crushing grip, handshakes come in all shapes and sizes — and only the best will hit the right note.

Handshakes are especially important in the workplace, where you are constantly surrounded by your peers and patients and occasionally meeting important people who can shape your career. If you’ve ever been in an interview, you know how important that first handshake is and how easy it is to mess it up. Making a strong (and positive!) initial impression is not only good for your work life, but it reflects positively on who you are as well.

Make sure your handshake says all the right things by reading our guide to proper handshake etiquette!

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