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How to Handle Job Search Rejection

How to Handle Job Search Rejection

Charles Purdy | HotJobs

Ask for feedback.
Kador advises saying that you accept the recruiter’s decision before you ask for feedback: “No one will talk to you if they think you’re going to argue or appeal.”

If you don’t trust yourself to keep your cool, you may want to skip asking for feedback. If you do ask, email is the best medium. “Telephoning is probably too intrusive,” says Lynch. “And whatever feedback you hear, don’t be defensive.”

Lin cautions that “you’ll get canned responses most of the time” due to fears about legal issues, but he recommends phrasing your request for feedback like this: “If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any feedback on how I can improve for future interviews?”

He adds, “You want to keep the conversation as professional as possible. Who knows? You could be their backup candidate.”

Keep trying.
In most cases, you should actively pursue new openings at the company. The phrase “we’ll keep your resume on file” is usually an attempt to soften the rejection, according to Kador, who says you should keep applying for relevant jobs and staying in touch with the recruiters you’ve met. “If a posting says no calls,’ I wouldn’t call,” he says. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t write.”

Bring the recruiter into your professional network.
If, down the road, you can help the interviewer or recruiter by recommending a candidate, for instance, or forwarding a relevant article, Kador says you should “go for it—make yourself known as a resource.”

Lynch, too, recommends keeping in touch with the hiring manager in a “low-key way” and says that, when you do land a position, you should write him or her a note and include your new business card. Then you can send the manager an invitation to connect on LinkedIn so you can easily stay in touch.

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