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10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

Georgia Price | AllHealthCare

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

Many job-seekers dread this important question. You want to show your interest in a new job, but you don’t want to bad-mouth your current (or former) employer. What’s a job-seeker to do?! Be very careful when answering this question as your interviewer will want to hear that you are interested in a new job for the long run.

Bad Answer: I didn’t get along with my boss or co-workers or the patients.

Better Answer: I started to feel restless and bored at work. I felt ready for a change of pace and a new environment.

Best Answer: I had progressed through the ranks at my current job and I’m looking for a new challenge. While I enjoyed my old job, I’ve been there for seven years and was ready to move on.

Why Should We Hire You?

This question seems simple enough and you would think that an interviewer could answer it simply by looking at your resume and reading your cover letter. However, an interviewer wants to hear it from you. Why do you stand out from everyone else?

Bad Answer: I’m more qualified than the other candidates and I have what it takes to be an asset to this hospital.

Better Answer: I have eight years of experience in radiologic technology performing a number of procedures. I also love my job and enjoy working with patients. I always have great relationships with my colleagues.

Best Answer: I have an advanced degree in health administration as well as five years of experience has the head of the nursing department at John Smith Hospital. I am comfortable as a leader and follower and have served in both positions. In my last job, I developed a patient advocacy program which worked to ease patients’ fears and alleviate stress during procedures. Thus far, over a dozen health care professionals have become volunteer patient advocates.

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