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10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

Georgia Price | AllHealthCare

Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Don’t confuse this question with “Why are you leaving your current job?” They are very different questions although your answers may sound similar. Despite what you may think, this is not the time to butter-up an interviewer too much. Express interest in areas that really matter to you. If you were impressed with a hospitals research into juvenile diabetes, say so, but make sure it’s not the only thing you have to say. Do your research first so you can show your desire for the position.

Bad Answer: I really want to work for a prestigious health system and I’ve always admired your work. Plus, I am ready to move on from my current job.

Better Answer: I’ve always looked up to Dr. Smith for his research on breast cancer. I like the atmosphere of the hospital as well as the chances to advance my nursing career.

Best Answer: During school, my favorite professor was also a nurse practitioner here, which is how I came to know and admire the facility. I learned of your recent philanthropic endeavors and was very impressed by your efforts to reach out to the community as a whole. As a nurse, I have a desire to care for all patients regardless of ability to pay and I admire that your clinic never refuses to serve anyone.

What Are Your Career Goals?

Here’s a question you need to be very prepared to answer. And your answer better be flawless. Employers want to know you’re ambitious, but not so ambitious that you’ll leave in 6 months to pursue an advanced degree in English Literature or study naturopathic medicine in the jungles of Thailand. Hiring a new employee is a big investment, and an interview wants to know they are investing their time and money wisely.

Bad Answer: I’m biding my time now as an LPN while I save up to go back to school and become a physician assistant.

Better Answer: In 10 years, I see myself as a nurse practitioner. I would like to attend school at night and on weekends while I work. I enjoy working in med-surg right now, but I would like to end up in pediatrics eventually.

Best Answer: I imagine that I will continue my work as a radiologic technologist for at least five more years. I love the field of radiology and would like to move up in the field either through expanding my education or gaining on-the-job experience. I would like to challenge myself by taking a leadership role, perhaps the head of a department, one day while still maintaining a clinical role working with patients.

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