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10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

10 Worst Answers to Healthcare Interview Questions

Georgia Price | AllHealthCare

When Were Your Most Satisfied in Your Job?

Interviewers want to know what makes you tick – this includes things you like and dislike. If your favorite part of your last job was charting and you are interviewing for a job in medical records, an interviewer will be thrilled that your interests match the job description. However, if your favorite thing was charting and there is no charting involved in the job you are vying for, an interviewer may be curious as to why you are applying.

Bad Answer: I didn’t enjoy very much of anything in my last position which is why I am looking for a new job.

Better Answer: I really enjoyed working with patients and providing care. I especially liked working with elderly patients because they can teach you so much.

Best Answer: When I was promoted to DON, I was particularly satisfied at work. I felt that I had worked diligently on the med-surg floor for 10 years and the promotion was well-deserved. I also enjoyed the challenge of supervising my fellow nurses, though I always tried to remain a peer rather than an authority figure.

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

Interviewers want to know that you’ve done the research. Not preparing questions is a definite no-no. Think about what is important to you and ask honest questions about it. If you really want to work somewhere where your co-workers feel like family, ask how the work environment is. Interviewers are usually happy to answer questions because they want you to get as much out of the interview as they do.

Bad Answer: Nope. You’ve answered all my questions.

Better Answer: You’ve answered most of my questions, but I was wondering what you like most about working here.

Best Answer: I’m really looking for a job where I feel like a part of a team. What is the work environment like? Do you spend time with your colleagues outside of work? What kind of team-building activities do you participate in?

Describe Your Biggest Failure. What Did You Learn?

Interviewers don’t expect you to be perfect. In fact, they want to hear about your flaws… as long as you’ve learned how to overcome them. It’s imperative that you have concrete examples in your answer and that you can show how you’ve grown because of the situation.

Bad Answer: I once missed an important deadline a few years ago. I felt very badly and promised my boss I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve never made a mistake since then.

Better Answer: I once made a crucial error while in a patient’s chart. Luckily, my supervising doctor caught it before anyone got hurt, but I’ve never felt like more of a failure. Since then, I have learned to check and double-check my patient’s charts and even ask a colleague if my charting makes sense and is correct.

Best Answer: While serving as hospital administrator in my last job, I endorsed a bid to take over a neighboring hospital which was floundering. I went through every step meticulously and was sure the deal would go through. However, they other hospital pulled out at the last minute after I has virtually guaranteed my board members that the deal would be settled. For months, I was looked down upon by the board and co-workers. However, I stood by my choice even though it didn’t work out. Because I didn’t back down or shy away from blame, I became a stronger administrator.

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