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    Big Cities, Big Bucks: Biggest Employers in America's Top Ten Cities

    Usually a job’s not a dream job unless it’s in your dream place, right? Find out what city suits your style. AllHealthcare has profiled America’s ten biggest cities to help you find out what the average salaries are in each of the top ten and who the biggest employers are for two occupations: medical assistants and healthcare managers. In most cities ...
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    15 Top Hospitals That Are Hiring

    15 Top Hospitals That Are Hiring
    We've all heard about how more people are losing their jobs more than ever before, but there is one industry that has remained untouchable: healthcare. While thousands of people lost their jobs this past November, the healthcare industry actually added over 50,000 positions. As the population ages and new developments emerge, the healthcare industry will continue to grow. This is great ...
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    The Most Competitive Hospitals to Work For

    The Most Competitive Hospitals to Work For
    While the tidal nature of job openings ebbs and flows from year to year or even month to month at any hospital, there are some medical centers that where all nurses seem to want to work. Where each open position receives a flood of extremely qualified applicants, all hoping to join the nursing staff and continue working there for a very ...
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