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    AllHealthcare's Guide to the Best-Paying Cities for Medical Assistants

    Want to know where medical assistants make the most money? This list of the top ten metro areas that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants will show you where to find the best-paying jobs in this profession. It's good to narrow your focus, because there are more than 400,000 medical assistants in the U.S. today and this job is ...
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    Returning After a Leave

    So you took some time off from work. People do it all the time, right? Sure, but you've been gone for several weeks on an extended leave. You had legitimate reasons for taking the time, but you're worried about how the absence will affect your career. Here's how to make sure that it doesn't - at least not adversely. h4. Stay ...
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    Re-Enter the Workplace Easily

    Have you been at home and out of the job market for several years, and now want to get a job? That gap in your resume -- whether it's from taking time off to raise your children, tending to a family illness or just getting some R&R -- can be viewed by a potential employer in a positive light. But it's ...