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Seven Great Study Habits and Time Management Tips

Seven Great Study Habits and Time Management Tips

Julie Tam/FastWeb

It’s Monday morning. My alarm clock screams at me to get out of bed. First things first: I have to check my e-mail to see if those five people I’m supposed to interview today replied. After my morning classes – Advanced Spanish and Microeconomics – I’ll have to run back here for lunch, soon after which I’ll be running off to my series of interviews from 1-2:30 p.m.

“Thank you for your time, sir. Please look for my story in The Rice Thresher this Friday.” Now, I’m trekking across campus to my KTRU Rice radio news meeting at 3. “Yes, I’ll go do that animal shelter story tomorrow.” This means I have to leave tomorrow evening open to edit my story at the station, because in the afternoon, I’ll be writing my news story. What’s next? Oh, I have to change clothes for my Rice Dance Theatre class at 4, after which I, again, must eat a quick dinner and dash off to my Rice Broadcast Television meeting at 8 p.m. Now that I’ve decided to cover the Black History Month exhibit for the 10 p.m. newscast on Thursday, I can finally start on my homework for the night.

(Everyone can take a deep breath now.)

That was my freshman year at Rice University. But we’re only talking about Monday, and not even half of all my extracurricular activities! I haven’t even begun to talk about tests, projects and various off-campus activities on weekends, among the many other concerns a college student must face. Does your schedule sound a lot like mine? The kind of schedule where you sit down on that warm, fuzzy couch for just a minute, and then you realize that you have yet another task to complete.

Life can get really hectic and not fun at all if you feel bombarded by the things you used to love doing, and are now terrified by the thought of even having to wake up in the morning! While college is a place to explore many possibilities, you really can’t do it all – unless you manage your time wisely. This past summer I’ve thought a lot about how I could manage a busy schedule, and still manage to enjoy the whole college experience – instead of just suffering through it.

Here are some tips I have found very helpful for managing my time and maximizing my study efforts.

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