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AllHealthcare's 10 Favorite Medical Movies

AllHealthcare's 10 Favorite Medical Movies

It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, medical assistant or a student. Medical movies resonate with the public because they force us to think about the worst-case scenarios or put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

These ten movies made the cut because they are intelligent, exciting, and heart-warming. These are movies we can watch over and over. You may have seen half of our list, or you have only seen none of it – whatever the case, we suggest you pick up one of these ten great medical movies the next time you are at your local video store.

4. Philadelphia

Starring: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Joanne Woodward
Released: 1993


Inspired by a true story, Philadelphia conveys the life of Andrew Beckett, a big-time lawyer who has AIDS and is also gay. Taking on stereotypes and prevailing fears of HIV and AIDS, Philadelphia delves into Beckett’s struggle with his disease and the subsequent loss of his job. Beckett takes it upon himself to sue his former employer. Poignant and inspiring, this film captures the attitudes of the times and attempts to break down barriers.

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