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AllHealthcare's 10 Favorite Medical Movies

AllHealthcare's 10 Favorite Medical Movies

It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, medical assistant or a student. Medical movies resonate with the public because they force us to think about the worst-case scenarios or put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

These ten movies made the cut because they are intelligent, exciting, and heart-warming. These are movies we can watch over and over. You may have seen half of our list, or you have only seen none of it – whatever the case, we suggest you pick up one of these ten great medical movies the next time you are at your local video store.

8. The Hospital

Starring: George C. Scott, Diana Rigg, Robert Walden
Released: 1971


This black comedy is 24 hours in the life of Dr. Bock, the Chief of Medicine at a hospital in Manhattan. Bock has suicidal thoughts caused by a mid-life crisis, and wishes to make his death look like an accident for insurance purposes. However, his plans to off himself are thwarted by a number of odd deaths that occur in the hospital.

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