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Answers to the Nutrition IQ Quiz

Answers to the Nutrition IQ Quiz

1) Skipping meals — a great way to diet?
No – Correct answer!

2) Which eggs are more nutritious?
They’re the same – Correct answer!

3) You need to drink exactly 8 glasses of water every day:
False – Correct answer!

4) Which is not a whole grain?
Wild rice
Pasta – Correct answer!

5) Which is the bad kind of fat?
Saturated – Correct answer!

6) What has the most iron?
Liver – Correct answer!

7) How much salt should you eat per day? ½ teaspoon 1 teaspoon – Correct answer! 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoons

8) A proper serving of protein is:
The size of my whole hand
The size of my palm – Correct answer!
The size of two fingers

9) And a serving of rice or pasta is:
The size of a tennis ball – Correct answer!
The size of a grapefruit
The size of my head

10) Which juice has the most antioxidants?
Concord grape – Correct answer!

11) How much sugar is in a can of regular soda?
About a teaspoon
About three teaspoons
About nine teaspoons – Correct answer!

12) Obese people have a BMI of:
Over 20
Over 25
Over 30 – Correct answer!

Thanks for taking the Nutrition IQ quiz!

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