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Answers to the Health Care Reform Debate IQ Quiz

Answers to the Health Care Reform Debate IQ Quiz


1) To be eligible for Medicaid, you have to be:
Under 18
Over 65
Low-income – Correct answer!

2) The “public option” does not mean:
It’s just like Medicare
You have to participate – Correct answer!
The government runs it
The government pays for it

3) HELP stands for:
The Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Senate committee – Correct answer!
The Helping Elderly Life Plans Senate committee
The Healthcare Education Lobby Partnership
The House Education Learning Plan

4) The “doughnut hole” is the:
Medicare term for the obese
Amount your deductible doesn’t cover
People who pay more than $5,000/year for insurance
Gap in Medicare medication coverage – Correct answer!

5) Who’s paying the least for health care?
United States
United Kingdom – Correct answer!

6) Health insurance cooperatives don’t:
Pay licensing fees to the federal government
Have to turn a profit – Correct answer!
Have to have over 10,000 members
Get governed by elected officials

7) Medical costs cause bankruptcy because people:
Owe over $25,000 in medical bills
Mortgage their homes to pay medical bills
Have chronic illness
All of the above – Correct answer!

8) What are some people calling “death panels”?
Advanced care planning consultations – Correct answer!
Anti-suicide hotlines
Suicide assistance programs
Cost-cutting committees

Thanks for taking AllHealthcare’’s Health Care Reform Debate IQ quiz and we hope you learned something!

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