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Answers to the Would You Pass the HOBET? Quiz

Answers to the Would You Pass the HOBET? Quiz


9) Ubiquitous most nearly means:
Excessively easy
Widely present - Correct answer!
Not present at all
Acutely aware

10) Choose the sentence with the misspelled word. If there are no errors, choose “No Mistakes.”
The nurse arrived at the hospital; however, she was late for her shift.
After running two miles, Janet was out of breath.
After getting a low score, Dan’s confidense was low. – Correct answer!
No mistakes.

11) What kind of motion can be described as either negative or positive?
Circular motion
Zig-zag motion
Motion in a straight line - Correct answer!

12) After an exam, your professor approaches you and says he saw you cheat off another student’s test. You know for a fact that you did not cheat, yet the professor insists you did. How do you react?
Admit to the wrong-doing even though you did not cheat.
Adamantly insist that you did not cheat. Raise your voice in order to get the point across.
Ask politely if you can retake the exam in order to prove that you did not cheat. – Correct answer!
Storm out of the classroom in a fit of rage.

13) While working in a hospital, a patient of yours passes away. There was nothing you could do to save him, yet his family insists you are to blame. How do you react?
Respectfully ask that they allow you to get your supervising physician or RN so that he/she may explain the situation. - Correct answer!
Tell them, “He was going to die anyway. Why does it matter?”
Agree with them, even though you aren’t to blame.
Ignore them and hope they will just go away.

14) You’re a health care student who is working full-time while going to school at night and taking care of a family. The day of an important exam, your daughter wakes up with a 104* temperature. You spouse is currently out of town, and instinct tells you to take her to the hospital. However, you’ve used up all your sick days at work and you are afraid to miss the exam. What do you do?
Take your daughter to the ER and worry about explaining things later
Call work and explain the situation. Ask if the day can count as Paid Time Off or a personal health day. If possible, call co-workers to see if anyone can cover. Call professor and ask for an extension on the exam while explaining the importance of taking - Correct answer!
Try to bring your sick daughter to work with you and take her to the hospital on your lunch break. Try to find a sitter for test night.
Do nothing. You can’t afford to miss work or this test. 104* isn’t that high, right?

15) Which is the function of mitochondria?

I. Produce energy
II. Convert nutrients into energy via the electron transport system.
III. Break larger molecules into smaller ones.

I only
II only
III only
I and II only – Correct answer!
II and III only
I and III only
None of the above.

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