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Answers to the Winter Holiday IQ Quiz

Answers to the Winter Holiday IQ Quiz


1) Why do we hang wreaths?
To protect against vampires
To welcome all that enter -Correct Answer!
To make our homes smell nice

2) What is traditionally served with potato latkes?
Maple syrup and butter
Sour cream and apple sauce -Correct Answer!
Fresh fruit and whipped cream

3) Christmas Trees are edible.
True -Correct Answer!

4) Which holiday is known as the festival of lights?
Chanukah -Correct Answer!
Winter Solstice

5) What does the Chanukah game dreidel derive from?
A German gambling game -Correct Answer!
Yo Yos
Pac Man

6) The biggest selling Christmas single of all time is:
Mariah Carey “All I Want for Christmas is You!”
Bing Crosy’s “White Christmas” -Correct Answer!
Alvin and the Chipmunks “The Christmas Song”
Frank Sinatra “A Merry Little Christmas”

7) Considering time zones, how many hours does Santa have to deliver gifts?
12 hours
24 hours
28 hours
31 hours -Correct Answer!

8) What’s a traditional winter holiday meal?
Head of a pig
All of the above -Correct Answer!

9) What’s the most popular Christmas plant?
Pine trees
Poinsettias -Correct Answer!

10) During the Holiday Season, how many candy canes are made?
1.76 million
1.76 billion -Correct Answer!

11) For how many days and nights is Chanukah celebrated?
8 -Correct Answer!

12) To make 2-3 dozen sugar cookies, how much butter do you need?
½ a cup
1 cup -Correct Answer!
2 cups
3 cups

13) Which are more popular?
Artificial Christmas tree -Correct Answer!
Real Christmas trees

We hope you enjoyed the quiz and learned a lot about the holidays! Happy Holidays!

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