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Answers to the Would You Pass the NCLEX? Quiz

Answers to the Would You Pass the NCLEX? Quiz


1) Why is developing a vaccine for HIV difficult?
HIV is a virus
HIV is very fast moving
HIV mutates - Correct answer!
There is a lack of funding to discover a vaccine

2) How long does it take to repair most cleft palates?
1 week after birth
6 months
1 year - Correct answer!
5 years

3) Where does internal bleeding associated with hemophilia occur most often?
Stomach lining
Joint tissue - Correct answer!

4) What should a nurse be most concerned about if a patient overdoses on Aspirin?
Both Metabolic and Respiratory alkalosis
Internal bleeding
Tremors and lose of movement - Correct answer!
Onset of seizures

5) What is a clinical sign of a newborn suffering from congenital heart failure?
Abnormal heart rate
Kidney failure
Loss of sight
Difficulty breathing
Gaining weight - Correct answer!

6) If a patient needs more folic acid, they should eat?
Red meat
Citrus fruits
Green vegetables - Correct answer!

7) A woman complains that her urine is beginning to look discolored. She takes many medications, which of them can cause her urine to change color?
Levodopa - Correct answer!

8) What is not a condition of acute Meningitis?
High fever
Photophobia (intolerance to bright light)
Phonophobia (intolerance to loud noises)
Insatiable appetite - Correct answer!

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