Manage Your Health Care Continuing Education Units

If you're like most healthcare professionals, you'll want to renew the licenses and certifications you worked so hard to attain. That typically means completing a certain number of continuing-education units (CEUs) every year or two (or three or four or five, depending on the requirements of the licensure and certification bodies in your state and profession). If only fulfilling your CEU ... Full Story

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    Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

    Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
    Interested in a career in healthcare, but don’t know what you want to do yet? Check out a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. This degree encompasses courses that are relevant to almost all healthcare careers including physical and life sciences, medical ethics, and basic patient care. A BS in Health Sciences is awarded after a minimum number of academics units ...
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    Mankind's 13 Deadliest Diseases

    Remember a few months ago when A/H1N1, i.e. “swine flu,” was going to wipe out all of humanity? Do you recall how every single time you turned on the T.V., a talking head would chatter nervously about how “Hamthrax” and “Snoutbreak” was about to really cook everyone’s bacon? Fortunately, swine flu has largely oinked-out with nowhere near the destructiveness of ...
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    AllHealthcare's 10 Favorite Medical Movies

    AllHealthcare's 10 Favorite Medical Movies
    Movies with a medical theme cause many emotions. They make us want to crawl under the covers, they cause us to hope for the best, and they tug at our heart strings. These movies are full of love, suspense, and humor. It doesn't matter if you're a doctor, medical assistant or a student. Medical movies resonate with the public because they ...
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    Bachelor of Science in Health Administration

    Bachelor of Science in Health Administration
    A Bachelor of Science in Health Administration provides a balance of health sciences knowledge with business administration skills. The degree is awarded by a college or university after completion of a minimum number of academic units, with a specific number of units in the Health Administration major. A BS in Health Administration is often the minimum requirement for most medical and ...
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    Back to School Guide for Healthcare Students

    Back to School Guide for Healthcare Students
    It's that time of the year again. Summer is coming to a close, the leaves are turning, and you are beginning to spend your money on books instead of bathing suits. Whether you can't wait to get back to the daily grind of studying and late nights, or you wish summer would last another three months, you need to be ready ...
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Exam Prep Quizzes

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    What's Your Healthcare Dream Job?

    Healthcare is a vast and expanding industry. With so many career paths, it can often become confusing ...

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  • Paramedic_sq32
    Would You Pass the NREMT?

    The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians is the nation's standard in EMS certification. Whether you are ...

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  • Intro_sq32
    Would You Pass the HOBET?

    The HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test) is used by most health care degree programs to ensure ...

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  • Mainpt_sq32
    Would You Pass the NPTE?

    The National Physical Therapist Examination is the ultimate test of knowledge and skill used to assess whether ...

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  • Paperwork_sq32
    Healthcare Administration: Is it The Job for Me?

    Healthcare Administrators, also known as Medical and Health Services Managers, help to run the business side of ...

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  • Davron_sq32
    Would You Pass the PCAT?

    The Pharmacy College Admissions Test is the only exam accredited by the American Association of Colleges of ...

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