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5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast

5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast

By Leslie Geary / for The Daily News

As the economy weakens and prices soar on everything from gas to groceries, Americans are looking for quick ways to cut their expenses and hold on to more cash.

Fortunately there are plenty of ways to chop your spending without a lot of time or hassle. Some of these cuts will save you just a few dollars, while others can net even bigger savings.

Add them all up, and you could trim your annual expenses by hundreds of dollars or more.

Following are five areas where you can cut your bills fast. These tips can help you to weather the current economic downturn and continue to thrive once happier days return.

Quick cuts

Taking simple steps can help you trim expenses in these five areas. Lowering your bills will make it easier to weather tough economic times.

5 areas to slash your bills
1. Energy and gas savings
2. Food and groceries
3. Banking and credit
4. Taxes
5. Car insurance

Energy and gas savings

Energy costs are boiling over. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates Americans will typically spend $2,350 on home energy costs in 2008, up from $2,100 a year ago.

Moreover, households are slated to spend $3,950 on gas for the year, up from $3,000 in 2007.

Fortunately, some relatively cheap fixes are available, and many begin in the home.

For example, weatherstripping, caulking doors or sealing windows can keep out cold and heat, lowering your heating and cooling bills.

“Every little step helps, and if you can’t afford new windows or storm windows, plastic film kits aren’t a bad alternative,” says Ronnie Kweller, deputy director of communications at the Alliance to Save Energy.

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