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5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast

5 Big Bills You Can Cut Fast

By Leslie Geary / for The Daily News

Other tips for cutting home energy costs include:

Installing a programmable thermostat. These handy gadgets let you turn up the heat or air conditioning just before you get home rather than paying to keep your empty dwelling comfy all day. Households that use these thermostats typically save $180 per year, far more than the roughly $100 it costs to purchase the thermostat, according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs. Yes, they do cost more than traditional bulbs, but they wind up saving money because they use two-thirds less energy and can last 10 times longer, Kweller says. That computes to savings of $50 per bulb.

Being efficient. Clean and change furnace air filters and wrap your water heater. These moves help your appliances run more efficiently and cheaply. Seal ducts on air and heating systems to improve efficiency by as much as 20 percent, according to the Alliance to Save Energy.

Lower the water heater temperature to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot enough to kill germs and safely wash dishes. Do laundry in cold water.

Meanwhile, you can also trim vehicle gas costs with the following steps:

Adopt good driving habits. You’ll save a bundle if you stop speeding. If you typically race around at 70 mph instead of 55 mph, you’re lowering your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by as much as 17 percent, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, or ACEEE.

Pump up your tires. Tires lose about a pound of pressure a month, and if you drive with tires that are 3 pounds underinflated, your vehicle’s fuel economy drops by 1 percent, according to the ACEEE.

Clean your car. If your car resembles a junk yard on wheels, clean it out. If you’re hauling around 100 extra pounds, for example, you’re lowering fuel efficiency by up to 2 percent, according to the ACEEE.

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