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Get Back to Work with the Best Deal

Get Back to Work with the Best Deal

Lee Miller | Monster Contributing Writer

Shop Around

Continue to pursue your job search actively even after you seriously begin talking to a company. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that once they think they are going to get an offer with a company they like, they stop talking to other potential employers. Having another offer will greatly enhance your ability to negotiate compensation, forcing a potential employer to give you the best possible offer. It will also increase your confidence, enabling you to negotiate more forcefully. Even if you don’t actually have another offer, continuing to talk with lots of prospective employers will reassure you that if this offer is not good enough, another one will be forthcoming shortly.

It is useful to let a prospective employer know you are contacting other companies, as long as you make it clear that the employer you’re talking to is your first choice. Employers like the fact that other companies are interested but want to hire someone who really wants to work for them. Your employment status becomes irrelevant.

Project Confidence

Finally, even during those moments when you are not feeling confident, project confidence. Dr. Patricia Farrell, clinical psychologist and professor at Walden University, calls one technique “self talk.” Before you go into an interview, tell yourself out loud why you deserve to get what you are seeking. (Do this in the privacy of your own home, but do it.) If you believe it, so will your interviewer. Then wait until you have convinced a prospective employer that you are the best candidate for the job before discussing compensation. The best time to talk about money is when a company is about to make you an offer.

Be enthusiastic about the job, confident about the abilities you bring to it, knowledgeable about your market value and firm in seeking a fair compensation package. Doing these simple things will enable you to negotiate the best possible package — even when you are unemployed.

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