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5 Easy Ways to Make Money Even if You're Unemployed

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Even if You're Unemployed

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As unemployment continues to rise, everyone is looking for other ways to bring in some money while still searching for another job.  Although a job is the conventional way to earn money, sometimes you need to think outside the box or search outside your comfort zone in order to try something new and bring in a little bit of money to help you out. 

1. Recycle
Think about how many bottles and cans you throw away every single day.  Collecting these in your garage or basement and then taking them to a grocery store or another location that has recycling machines can bring in a little bit of money.  Although five cents here and there may not seem like much, it can definitely add up more quickly than you think.  Some bottles are even worth a quarter! 

2. Babysitting
Everyone needs a babysitter.  Sometimes it helps if you have experience, but if you know families that need a babysitter you should definitely ask around.  People would rather hire someone they know than strangers so if you have friends with kids offer to look after them while they go out for a night.  Or if you have family members, offering up your services for a small charge can be beneficial to both you and them! 

*3. EBay
People are looking for any types of deals right now.  You may have some “junk” lying around your house that is someone else’s treasure.  Never throw something away without trying to put in on EBay in order to make some money first.  People buy anything and everything if the price is right.  With the current economy, people are even beginning to look on these websites for clothes that others are willing to sell at a discounted price.  Try your luck…you might earn more money than you ever anticipated.  Just remember that when you do post items, we are in a recession so don’t make your price too high.  If you were going to throw it away anyway, any little bit of money helps!

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