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4 Things That May Trigger Your Spending

4 Things That May Trigger Your Spending

Burning money? Some common triggers may be to blame.

Hannah Waters |

Overspending is easy to do. Everyone falls for it every now and again because sometimes you just feel the need to spend. However, there may be things that trigger our overspending even when we know that we are on a budget and cannot really afford to spend money.

1) Stress – Work, family, friends, sickness, money…all these things (and many more) can lead to stress in someone’s life. Stress can definitely trigger your spending because it allows you to take your mind off of whatever may be bothering you for that little amount of time. Even if it is just going out for dinner or a drink after work…although you may not be able to afford it, if you think it will take away your stress and allow you to relax a little bit you are willing to spend the money.

2) Peer Pressure – As you get older you think that you outgrow peer pressure and that it really not longer effects you. However, this is really not the case. In the work environment or even just with friends, peer pressure is very prominent as you get older. When shopping with friends, if they are buying things or if they tell you that something looks good on you and that you should buy it sometimes you fall into the trap and end up purchasing something just because someone said you should.

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