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Pharmacist: Dr. Scott Kislak

Pharmacist: Dr. Scott Kislak

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Describe a typical day of work for you.

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Salary: $67,860 - $119,480
Min. Education: Doctorate
Related Careers: Physician, Dentist

I work for Rite Aid pharmacy. When working in a community pharmacy, the most basic job of the pharmacist is to make sure the right drug gets to the right patient and that drug is safe for the patient to take. Pharmacy technicians do most of the computer entry and accepting payment for the medications, so the pharmacist is there to make sure that the drug is safe for the patient to take and check the work of all of the technicians. The ability one needs to work in this field above all others is the ability to multitask. It is not an exaggeration to say that at the same time, I may be recommending an over-the-counter medication for a patient, holding to talk to an insurance company about why they are not paying for a medication, checking a new prescription, and eating lunch at the same time.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

The most challenging and frustrating aspect of the job is dealing with patients’ insurance companies. Health care has gotten so expensive, insurance companies have put many different limitations on what they will pay for, and negotiating these limitations to get the patient the medication that they need is often a long and difficult task.

How is the job market now in the industry? How do you think it will be in five years?

There is a shortage of pharmacists nationwide, and the shortage will continue to grow in the next five years. One could not select a more stable field.

What are the best ways to get a job in pharmacy field? How available are internships?

It is easy to get a job in a pharmacy, especially once you are already enrolled in a pharmacy school. Most of the larger chains have websites where you can apply for internships.

What further advice can you give to prospective students thinking about an education and career in pharmacy?

Do research and look at the many types of career paths for pharmacists. Do not just think of working for the chain drug store in the neighborhood; pharmacy offers much, much more than this. The second piece of advice is to be prepared to work extremely hard during school. Pharmacy school is very difficult and challenging.

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