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Travel Healthcare FAQ

Travel Healthcare FAQ

Jennifer LeClaire, Monster Contributing Writer

Do travel companies offer benefits?

Many do. Common benefits include continuing-education hours, 401k programs and full health coverage.

How much do I have to invest in a career in travel healthcare?

It doesn’t cost any more to get started in a travel healthcare career than it does to work in a traditional setting. The company reimburses all travel-related costs, including lodging. Many also offer a per diem for food. Some require you to pay for your utilities and phone expenses. Since you are not paying for housing, you can bank your monthly rent payments and walk away with even more money at the end of your assignment.

How long does it take to get an assignment with a travel company?

Travel companies seek to secure healthcare professionals months in advance. It is best to apply two to three months before you want to begin work. But in some cases, you could be contacted for employment as quickly as one week after you apply.

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How long do assignments last?

Assignment durations can range from two months to four months, but shorter assignments are available. If you find that a location is an ideal fit for you, then in many cases you can request an assignment extension. Contracts are typically for one assignment, with new contracts for future assignments.

Where will I be asked to go?

Travel healthcare workers are in demand all over the world. Larger US cities, like New York and Los Angeles, or more exotic locales, like Alaska and Hawaii, typically offer more opportunities than smaller, less-traveled regions. There is also an increasing demand in international locations as more business is conducted globally.

In what types of facilities will I work?

There is no single answer. You could land in a small town with a rural hospital. Or you could wind up in a well-known facility in a metropolitan area. Just let the company know your preference. You can always turn down the assignment if it is unattractive or does not fit in with your career goals.

Can I bring family, friends and/or pets?

Yes. Since you will be living in private housing, you may bring people and pets with you. Of course, you need to ensure there is enough space and that the housing accepts pets. Bringing family, friends or pets is an excellent way to avoid becoming homesick.

What shifts will I be required to work?

Much like traditional hospitals, full-time schedules run 40 hours a week. Those shifts may be completed in five eight-hour days, four 10-hour days or three 12-hour days, depending on the needs of the facility.

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