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Travel Healthcare FAQ

Travel Healthcare FAQ

Jennifer LeClaire, Monster Contributing Writer

What factors should I consider when choosing an assignment?

Quiz: What’s Your Disaster IQ?

1. In an emergency, it might be easier to make:

Long-distance calls
Local calls

Beyond pay, the key factors you should consider mostly depend on your personal preferences and career goals. Are you looking for a learning experience that will broaden your knowledge? Or do you seek to work with the latest medical technologies? If so, then a teaching hospital might be best for you. If you would rather get back to basics, then a small hospital could be a match. Do you hate cold weather? Like majestic scenery? Do you want to stay close to home? Or are you up for far-away travel? These, too, weigh in on your decision. Then there are contractual considerations. Will the facility be your employer or the agency? Tax and insurance issues are greater if you work under independent contractor status. When it comes to travel healthcare, knowing yourself will help you know what assignments to accept. For more enjoyable experiences, don’t stretch your limits too far on early assignments. Get comfortable with what you know and like before venturing out into the unknown.

What are my options when the assignment is over?

There are several routes available once the assignment ends. With valuable travel healthcare experience under your belt, you are at the front of the line for new assignments from the same company. You could also apply for assignments with a different company. And you have the ultimate freedom to return home for a season and go back out on the road later, or take a permanent position in a more traditional environment if travel healthcare just isn’t for you.

How will travel healthcare experience impact my career over the long term?

Travel experience can only benefit you over the long term. If you can handle the challenge of working in changing environments, then working in a permanent facility should be a piece of cake. Beyond the excitement and financial rewards, travel healthcare is a resume builder that will garner attention from future employers.

This article originally appeared on Monster Career Advice.

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