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Go Above and Beyond in Disaster Relief

Go Above and Beyond in Disaster Relief


Disaster relief nursing allows licensed nurses to utilize their medical skills in the event of a disaster. For days, or even weeks, at a time, nurses help to care for the victims of disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, attacks like The World Trade Center bombing and 9/11, and the recent Midwest floods. Volunteer service is exhausting, rewarding, and potentially dangerous. For those up to the challenge, disaster relief nursing can be one of the best experiences of your career.

What Do I Need to Volunteer?

Disaster relief nurses must be licensed nurses. They must be up-to-date on their vaccination and be in good physical condition. They must be able to stand for long periods of time, often in areas of inclement weather. Volunteers need to be able to handle large amounts of stress, many patients, and emotions that run high.


What Should I Bring?

Clothes and equipment will vary depending on the type of disaster and the geographical area you will be serving. However, there are some items that are necessary no mater where you are.

• Comfortable shoes – something sturdy if you will be working around debris
• Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (or not coming home with)
• Clean drinking water in case it isn’t available
• Blankets
• Sunscreen
• Gloves
• Items to donate
• Lots of patience

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