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Where Can You Work with a Master's in Healthcare Administration?

Where Can You Work with a Master's in Healthcare Administration?

By Peter Vogt | Monster Career Coach

Healthcare Suppliers

Healthcare facilities can’t function without the organizations that provide them with essential supplies and equipment, key services (in such areas as staffing, operations, finance/accounting and technology), and training and development. Thus, some graduates of healthcare administration programs pursue careers with:

Healthcare Administration: Is it The Job for Me?

1. Do you enjoy methodical work?


1. Consulting firms.
2. Healthcare management companies.
3. Companies that develop, manufacture and market healthcare supplies and equipment.
4. Pharmaceutical organizations.
5. Biotechnology companies.
6. Educational organizations.

Job titles to explore in this sector include: consultant, marketing manager, buyer, sales director, director of market research, faculty/instructor, product manager and analyst.

Health Insurance Organizations

One result of the expansion of healthcare offerings in the United States is the ongoing rise in associated costs. Perhaps it’s no wonder, then, that insurance companies and health maintenance organizations continue to grow. With that expansion comes another career avenue for healthcare administration graduates to consider.

Some of the job titles in this sector are research analyst, utilization manager, quality improvement coordinator, client manager and director of strategic planning.

Healthcare Policy Organizations

Some healthcare administration program graduates decide to address health-related issues on a broader scale by finding jobs with either government organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control at the federal level or a state public health agency, or nonprofits with health-oriented missions.

Job titles in this sector include: communications director, legislative assistant, policy analyst, community healthcare organizer and health planner.

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